Release notes

Showing what's new in the stable version.

Stable 2019-11-22

New features:

  • Add "Center window" menu option to system tray menu
  • Automatically center the window if it starts up off screen
  • Added always on top toggle to view menu
  • Added output device selection to audio menu
  • Added visualization frequency setting, can now also be turned off
  • Prevent computer from sleeping while playing (can be changed in settings)


  • Better grouping of settings in settings tab
  • Moved settings to view menu
  • Moved view menu next to help menu
  • Show warning for users with old .NET Framework versions, upcoming releases will require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer


  • Restore volume on restart even if the last played station can not be loaded
  • More detailed error messages when sound subsystem fails
  • Change of output device no longer requires stopping playback
  • Default output device will automatically switch when the system device setting changes
  • Window centering should now work on high DPI screens
  • Improve how browsers are launched when clicking links
  • Improved scroll bars, they now behave like normal scroll bars
  • Level visualization rewritten from scratch, should use much less processing power
  • Better looking drop down boxes

Bug fixes:

  • Fix race condition when closing
  • Fix internal exception when reading stream metadata
  • Fix crash bug in about tab
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the program to crash when clicking the tabs
  • Fixed bug affecting notifications in application
  • Fixed bugs when importing stations with no website URLs


  • Internal component updates and code improvements
  • Upgrade BASS to version 2.4.14
  • Removed 32-bit restriction, will run as a 64-bit process on 64-bit systems
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Added more internal error handling to prevent crashes
  • Some internal improvements
  • WIll now automatically check for upgrades at most once per day, not every startup

Stable 2018-09-23

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few internal bugs caused by race conditions
  • Playback was not stopped when desktop was locked
  • Connect to random crashed when station list was empty
  • Fixed issue when loading history on startup
  • Fixed startup deadlock issue


  • Refactored file I/O with improved locking mechanism
  • Some other internal refactorings
  • Removed some legacy ClickOnce code
  • Remove .NET assembly signing, code signing is enough
  • Upgraded dependencies
  • Will no longer wait forever to read/write files

Stable 2018-08-26

Changes since stable 2018-05-29

New features:

  • New setting to allow only one running instance
  • Output device selection
  • Stereo separation filter (can do mono)
  • Ctrl + scroll to adjust volume in smaller steps

Minor tweaks:

  • Add close current tab to menu
  • Add link to release notes in about menu and in update notification
  • Moved audio filters to menu instead of in options
  • Compressor and stereo separation filter should fade in

Bug fixes:

  • Could crash on certain streams
  • Fixed a heap corruption crash that could occur in certain situations
  • Fixed a few bugs in station export/import
  • Stations opened via "Open URL" was not always restored on restart
  • Fixed some internal resource leaks


  • Screamer now parses MPEG and Ogg streams to extract metadata like bitrate and frequency, this was done in preparation to be able to implement recording
  • Upgrade BASS to latest version which is now using WASAPI instead of DirectSound
  • The manual NSIS installer is now also digitally signed
  • Performance improvements in UI
  • More exception handling in sensitive places
  • Massive internal refactorings to make the code more maintainable