Important info

New installer

Until now, Screamer Radio has been installed and updated with a technology from Microsoft called ClickOnce. It has many issues, is overly complicated and has no way for the app itself to know if it is being updated. For these reasons I'm switching to a newer, simpler, and better installer called Squirrel that is being developed by GitHub.

This means you will have to reinstall Screamer Radio to continue to receive new updates.

Windows XP

Support for Windows XP is being dropped mainly because more and more components I want to use, including the Squirrel-installer, simply will not run on XP and it is holding the project back. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of work fixing issues on XP that could have been better spent on new features instead.

To add to that, Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP itself nearly 2 years ago, which means you really should not be using XP anyway since you do not get security updates any more.

Export favorite radio stations

A new feature that you should have received will let you export your list of favorite stations to a file that can be used to restore your favorites when you have installed the new version. You will find it in the file menu.